Journal Topics - March 2019

Topics in the March 2019 Issue:

The latest March Quarter’s Journal continues to provide coverage of the Cape, Natal and Zululand with a variety of articles, both large and small.

For Zululand Peter Whitmore has once more provided us with another article in his series of Personalities of Zululand, this time covering Captain Michael Frederick Rimington. As a soldier and an author Michael Rimington played an important role in the history of both Zululand and South Africa and was clearly a man of many parts. The article recounts these events and includes a number of covers and images relevant to Rimington’s life.

Natal: there is an in-depth research article on the 1877-79 POSTAGE and value surcharges, examining the numerous errors and print varieties, as well as blocks and covers. This is a stamp issue which should appeal to philatelists who enjoy a treasure hunt, since many of the varieties are extremely elusive and are in some cases believed to exist as only one or two copies.

Several short pieces on Re-entries on the early 1d, a Forgery of the lilac 6d and an interesting Registered Book Cover to Germany, will, I hope, prompt readers to share their thoughts on these or similar pieces in their collections. In addition, a number of diverse scenes on postcards which have recently come to hand, provide views of Durban, Natal and Pietermaritzburg in the early 1900s. A recent appearance of an inverted watermark on the 3d bright blue of 1872, is also covered in a short note.

Another lengthier article looks at different Postage Due marks appearing on both local and overseas mail, and attempts to match these against known references. This is a further area where readers might like to share their thoughts on items in their possession.

The Cape is covered at Cape Town and the Eastern Province, the former in an article which looks at some of the postcards, brochures and stamp labels which were produced for the Pageant that attended the inauguration of the South African Parliament in 1910; a second article refers to the postal service in the Eastern Cape Province in 1860, together with a report by a committee which considered extending the postal services at that time, this latter kindly provided by Nigel Hoskins.

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