Journal Topics - December 2018

Topics in the December 2018 Issue:

The latest December Quarter’s Journal continues to provide coverage of the Cape, Natal and Zululand with a variety of articles, both large and small.

Natal – an in-depth research article on the 1876 POSTAGE overprints, providing insights into the errors, colour and print varieties, as well as some unique material which only surfaced last month.

Also, reviews of two very interesting covers, the first, a Book Post cover from Pinetown to Prague and the second an unusual cover to Halifax; in both cases, John Dickson has provided the details of the sea voyages.

In addition, a spectacular cover with six 3d (SG33) is accompanied by some history of the Tati Gold Concessions, while further snippets on Natal postcard scenes, a poor forgery of the embossed 9d and some gorgeous Edwardian interprovincials, round of the Natal items.

Zululand is not overlooked and Peter Whitmore has provided another of his fascinating pieces, this one on a prominent personality, Surgeon-Major David Bruce.

The Cape is not forgotten and it is pleasing to receive an article with a selection of Free Franks from Bob Galland.

In addition, Ian Shapiro has provided detailed coverage of last October’s South African National Philatelic Exhibition in Pretoria, highlighting many of the key topics such as the Cilliers ZAR printings, CGH Diamond Fields covers and Cape rectangular ‘creations’.

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Simon Solomon
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