Journal Topics - September 2018

Topics in the September 2018 Issue:

The latest September Quarter’s Journal continues to provide coverage of the Cape, Natal and Zululand with a variety of articles, both large and small. It is pleasing to have received contributions from 7 other members of the Study Circle, reflecting a wide range of interests and specialities.

Natal is addressed in four articles, highlighting:

  1. The discovery of a variety of SG61 (3d overprinted POSTAGE) with very unusual ink smudges.

  2. A remarkable cover with six 1879 1d Postage Overprint stamps, examined and analysed by Keith Klugman.

  3. Hand painted covers from a recent Spink auction.

  4. A remarkable strip of 3 Embossed 1d on cover.

Zululand and the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War receive detailed attention in the continuation of a review of war-time covers by your editor, while Keith Klugman’s article also includes coverage on this topic, The Cape enjoys a bumper crop of articles which encompass a wide range of stamp issues, covers, postmarks and Money Orders, including:

  • A Singular Use of the 1d Triangular by John and Mark Taylor.

  • A Soldier’s Letter from St Helena by John Dickson, with additional detail on that island and its geography provided by your editor.

  • A Cover to a Ship in the Crimean War, jointly prepared by John Taylor and Robert Johnson

  • Bram Leeflang’s update on a new BONC.

  • John and Mark Taylor’s further contribution on a Cover to Gibraltar as well as on an 1834 Cover from Western Australia.

  • A Correction to Goldblatt regarding the Octagonal Postmarks – this from Johnny Barth.

  • An in-depth study of the Post Office Money Order prepared by Robert Johnson, together with his provision of an Appendix on the Regulations of these Money Orders.

In short, a very full house of varied material, which I trust you will enjoy and which will also provide an incentive for more contributions.

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Simon Solomon
Honorary Editor

Rael Solomon