Quarterly Journal of the Cape & Natal Study Circle



The Cape and Natal Study Circle is a group of philatelists and historians who are passionate about the stamps, postal history and historical events of the Cape of Good Hope, Natal and Zululand. Membership is worldwide, with members residing in Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom and United States, and members are encouraged to submit articles to the Cape and Natal Philatelic Journal which is prepared each quarter by the Honorary Editor, Simon Solomon. New members are welcome and are invited to subscribe to receive the Cape and Natal Philatelic Journal.


Simon Solomon
Honorary Editor
Email: capenatalstamps@gmail.com

Transition to electronic distribution

The December 2016 issue marks the start of a transition from CD-delivered Journals to a new method, in which Journals will start to be despatched electronically and online. This will commence with the March 2017 issue.  It’s essential that members provide their email address, otherwise it won’t be possible to communicate with you nor connect electronically.