Journal Topics - June 2019

Topics in the June 2019 Issue:

Vale John Dickson
The June Quarter 2019 Journal bears the sad news of the passing of John Dickson on 9th June 2019. As both a philatelist and a historian, Shakespeare’s epithet to Julius Caesar, that ‘he doth bestride the narrow world like a colossus’, applies perfectly to John and his work. The Journal includes an article which touches on John’s achievements in his chosen field during the last 24 years.

Natal Post Office Agencies is a comprehensive study by Roger Porter which updates information on the numerous POAs, 51 of these being considered in Part 1 of this article (Part 2 will follow in the next CPNJ issue). As Roger point outs, BA Kantey in his foreword to the 1982 publication 'The P. O. A. Cancellations of Natal', felt that the correct allocation of the numbers to the various post offices would never be achieved, especially since certain POA cancellers were re-used for other offices. Roger’s analysis now provides considerable relevant postal material linking POAs to particular locations. Following a number of postcards being offered for sale recently, a further Selection of Scenes from Natal is presented.

Keith Klugman shares two remarkable Natal items which appeared in the Besancon Corinphila Auction

To round the articles off, there is an Introduction to Griqualand West and some of its Trophy Stamps, which I hope will stimulate readers’ interest.

I’m very pleased to advise that Keith Klugman exhibited his Natal Collection in China recently and won a Large Gold and special prize for material, becoming the first Natal Collection to get into the Championship Class; this makes three Large Gold Medals in the past 3 years at FIP exhibitions – London 2010, New York 2016 and China 2019.

Simon Solomon
Honorary Editor

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