Journal Topics - June 2017

We continue to explore CGH, Natal and Zululand themes with a combination of research, history and related matters and have included the following:

  • Natal Postage/Postage Overprints of 1870-73 - This colourful set of stamps with overprints printed by De La Rue over a 4 year period, has some unexpected quirks, which may not be obvious to all collectors. This article aims at highlighting these features.
  • Natal 5/- Carmine on Cover- This short article looks at an unexpected and possibly a unique discovery of a 5/- stamp on a cover.
  • Cape – Mail to and from St. Helena by Union Packet - John Dickson has provided yet another of his authoritative articles on Southern African Sea Mails, this time examining several covers which appeared in a recent Grosvenor Auction.
  • A Solution to an unidentified postmark (posed by Johnny Barth) in the September 2016 Journal, has now been found and set out in this article.
  • Cape Victorian Postal Stationery which has not had much coverage in recent times, makes its appearance in Part 1of a review of this material by your editor.
  • Zululand Telegraphs – a Study of Surviving Material and Selected Archival Records has been provided by Peter Whitmore, a work which in his own words, has been put together over a number of years. This is truly a magnus opus which throws much fresh light on the development of telegraphs in Zululand.
  • Finally there is a short Appendix entitled Music Hall in Johannesburg 1886-1896 which is part of a much larger article found when researching the cover with the Natal 5/-. For those wishing to read more about this, the Website is identified in the Appendix.

So again, there are a variety of topics across the Southern African colonies; I look forward to your comments and feedback.

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Simon Solomon
Honorary Editor

Rael Solomon