Journal Topics - March 2017

Topics in the March 2017 Issue:

We continue to explore CGH, Natal and Zululand themes with a combination of research, history and related matters and have included the following:

  • Madagascar ‘British Inland Mail Covers’ Part 2 - Thanks to the insightful input of Keith Klugman, who also provided numerous additional images, it’s been possible to extend the study of these enigmatic covers. 13 additional covers are available for viewing in this Journal and there are still more to come in the June issue.
  • Cape Parcel Labels - Unlike Natal, where several parcel labels have been shown recently, the Cape doesn’t appear to have featured very much in past issues. Two interesting labels redress this situation.
  • Cape Post Cards - The previous Journal provided a wide range of late 19th century to early 20th century post cards, originating from Natal. There are probably at least as many, if not more that were produced of the Cape; three such post cards turned up a few weeks ago and are presented together with some historical background.
  • A Ship passing the Point at Durban and the Castle at Cape Town - These are some snippets which may whet your appetite to search for more.
  • A Further Review of the Cape 1/2d overprinted on the 3d deep claret - Robert Johnson has taken up the challenge that I laid down in the December 2016 issue and has come back with a detailed and thoughtful analysis of how this variety came into existence. He has also provided an accumulation of the overprinted stamps, while Johnny Barth provided several examples of the earlier pale claret stamp.
  • Postal Stationery available at the post office in 1897 and associated regulations - This article contains a further set of extremely useful research material provided by Robert Johnson.
  • Natal Postal Handstamps used during the Boer Invasion of Natal - As the article demonstrates, there is a wide variety of material available for collection and study.
  • Early Cape and Natal Post Offices: images of two such offices. - The 1869 Natal Overprints – Continuing on from the Mann Study – the 6d Types are covered in an in-depth article, together with Mann’s work in a handy Appendix.

With sadness this issue carries an obituary on Alan Roy Drysdall who played a prominent role in the affairs of the Cape and Natal Study Circle and this Journal, as well as being a giant among philatelists. If he had never taken up philately, he would (as the obituary indicates) have still made his mark through discoveries in the fields of geology and palaeontology.

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Simon Solomon
Honorary Editor

Rael Solomon