Journal Topics - March 2018

Topics in the March 2018 Issue:

We continue to explore CGH, Natal and Zululand themes with a combination of research, history and related matters and have included the following:

  • Robert Johnson has prepared three articles on the Cape: Newspapers, Books and Printed Papers highlights an unusual postcard from Grahamstown to Salisbury.
  • CGH 3 on Three Pence Provisional Overprint provides some additional images of stamp combinations which appeared at auction recently, and this is accompanied by a contribution from John Dickson, VOC Marking on Cape Town Cover, one of the few frankings which can be identified as being at Cape Town.
  • CGH Parcel Post provides a very detailed explanation of the regulations, with images of covers, stamps and labels during the development of the Cape Parcel Post from its early days through to 1909. This is a ‘must’ for those who specialise in collecting this fascinating material.
  • Early Twentieth Century Postcards of Zululand, an article in which 25 postcards have been provided by Tony Davis, provides an insight into various places around Eshowe, the people and their dwellings and also some of the historical places which featured in South Africa’s often violent history.
  • Natal ½ HALF Surcharges, a subject which has only received limited attention since the original Mann paper, but which has been deserving of an update, given the diverse nature of the surcharges and the scarcity of several of these. As with all articles of this kind, the intention is to present a summation of what is known or can deduced about the printing, while encouraging readers to put forward their views and challenge the conclusions where they may have different thoughts.
  • Natal - Another Cover with the 5/- and Concurrent Stamps, shows a recent discovery of the De La Rue Victoria 5/- on cover.
  • Natal Postal Handstamps and Hattingspruit is an update by Tony Davis of an earlier examination of the Boer Invasion Postal Hand Stamps, this one entitled Postal Handstamps and Hattingspruit revisited.
  • Natal Underpaid Postage – KE Cover is an Edwardian Cover, exhibiting United States Tax markings and postage due stamps.

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