Journal Topics - December 2017

We continue to explore CGH, Natal and Zululand themes with a combination of research, history and related matters and have included the following:

  • The Halfpenny Postmaster Provisionals of Natal are further reviewed by Keith Klugman, this time examining some new material from places such as Howick, Howick Rail and Pietermaritzburg.
  • Keith also presents two newly-discovered Chalon inverted watermarks.
  • Natal De La Rue 1d overprinted by small ‘POSTAGE’ of 1875 as well as including a letter from Bishop Colenso to W Wathen.
  • The vanished town of York in Natal, represented by an embossed cover, is brought to life by yet another article by Keith Klugman.
  • Turning to the Cape, Johnnie Barth has made two contributions, namely a new finding of the Octagonal Postmarks and a solution to the problem of a mysterious postmark that he posed in a previous Journal.
  • The subject of the Dutch at the Cape doesn’t appear to have had much coverage in the past, so this is redressed by a closer look at the years 1700 to 1795, when a series of different Commanders and Governors were appointed, giving rise to some fascinating postal history.
  • An initial examination of the ways that solutions were found to the reduction of the Cape Inland Postage rate from 4d to 3d in 1879, is provided by your editor. This is a new area of research and it is hoped that the article will provoke a reaction and more information on the topic from members.
  • Images of other varieties of the Cape 1/2d surcharge on the 3d deep claret became available recently and are illustrated.
  • Returning to Natal, the Journal concludes with three inter-connected articles: (1) 5 Victorian and Edwardian parcel labels which provide some intriguing food for thought, (2) Harvey, Greenacre and Co. Ltd and (3) West Street, Durban 1857-1900

I look forward to members’ feedback on these articles and wish you all the best for 2018!

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Simon Solomon
Honorary Editor

Rael Solomon