Journal Topics - December 2016

Topics in the December 2016 Issue

We continue to explore CGH, Natal and Zululand themes with a combination of research, history and related matters and have included the following:

  • De La Rue’s Printing of the 1/- Stamp - The Natal one shilling stamp in its various guises and types of overprint, has a lengthy history running from 1866 to 1902. Its colour was changed no less than five times, including use for postal, fiscal and essay purposes, encompassing green, purple-brown, blue, orange and beige. It experienced no less than 11 different overprints of the word ‘Postage’, most in black, but also with one each in green, carmine and red. Additionally it received ‘CANCELLED’ and ‘SPECIMEN’ overprints, three in black and one in blue. The article focuses on the green postal version of the stamp, with references to the other types, which will be examined in more detail in follow-on articles.
  • The 1/2d Surcharge on the Cape 3d Claret: This interesting surcharge which must be one of the scarcest in CGH philately, receives some well-deserved exposure.
  • Cape Post Office Stones and the VOC are examined
  • Images of Early Natal on Postcards and Photos - One could describe early Natal in thousands of words, but nothing works as well as pictures.
  • Royal Hotel post-Christmas dinner - A mind-boggling menu evokes the Victorian era.
  • Varieties on Zululand’s overprinted fiscal 1d of Natal are reviewed.
  • 11 Madagascar ‘British Inland Mail’ covers are presented
  • The 1869 Overprints – Continuing on from the Mann Study – the 3d Types are covered in an in-depth article
  • Interaction between the Zulus and the Settlers is depicted in a series of images

Simon Solomon
Honorary Editor

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